Fully automated AWS backend infrastructure generation Python script

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If you're tired of manually creating AWS resources and spending hours on infrastructure tasks, here is a Python script to fully automate all the tedious work, so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

This infrastructure generation automation script is based on this post: https://norahsakal.com/blog/automate-infrastructure-generation

1. Generate YML file and JSON file

Start by generating a YML file and a JSON file from https://d26k82x7lu48w8.cloudfront.net

2. Run automated script

Run the fully automated infrastructure generation script with the following:

python generate_repo/main.py --yml_path your_file_name.yml --json_path your_file_name.json

3. Included scripts

Except for a main.py file for complete orchestration, you'll receive the following scripts:

1. Script for defining project variables

2. Script for mono-repo folder structure creation

3. Script for creating folder structure for CI/CD in GitHub Actions

4. Script for creating the CI/CI workflow for infrastructure

5. Script for creating a gitignore file

6. Script for creating README file

7. Script for creating CloudFormation yml

8. Script for creating a new GitHub repo

9. Script for initiating and pushing to the repo

10. Script for fetching the public key of a repo

11. Script for generating encrypted AWS secrets

12. Script for deploying repo secrets

13. Script for creating a develop branch

14. Script for add, commit and push

15. Script for making a branch default

16. Script for checking workflow status

17. Script for creating a pull request

18. Script for checking pull request status

19. Script for merging from one branch into another branch

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Fully automated AWS backend infrastructure generation Python script

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Fully automated AWS backend infrastructure generation Python script

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