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Automated Twitter bookmark organizer in Notion

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Automated Twitter bookmark organizer in Notion

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Ever wanted to build an automated Twitter bookmark organizer which makes the bookmarked tweets searchable in Notion?

Now you can!

Here's the complete source code to get your own Twitter bookmark organizer, powered by GPT-3, up and running.


This is a presale. The final source code will be available and delivered no later than February 13th 2023.

Follow along the ongoing hackathon on Twitter for the current state of the app ⬇️

What's in this source code?

This source code is the entire Twitter bookmark organizer web app

✅ Mono-repo

✅ Frontend

✅ Backend

✅ Landing page

What are the programming languages of the source code?

✅ Frontend: Javascript (ReactJS)

✅ Backend: Python

✅ Landing page: Javascript (GatsbyJS)

✅ Infrastructure as code: YML (AWS Cloudformation)

Cloud provider


AWS cloud resources

✅ S3

✅ AWS Lambda

✅ DynamoDB

✅ AWS SQS (queue)



✅ Github actions

APIs used

You'll need you own set of API keys for these APIs for the web app to properly work:

✅ Twitter API

✅ Notion API

✅ OpenAI API (optional)

✅ Slack API (optional)

Unit tests

✅ Backend

Preview of the app

The app is being built as we speak, follow along the hackathon taking place on Twitter for the current state ⬇️

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You'll get the complete source code once finished

Javascript (ReactJS)
Landing page
Javascript (GatsbyJS)
Infrastructure as code
Cloud provider
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