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Automated Twitter bookmark organizer in Notion

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Ever wanted to build an automated Twitter bookmark organizer which makes the bookmarked tweets searchable in Notion?

Now you can!

Here's the complete source code to get your own Twitter bookmark organizer, powered by GPT-3, up and running.


This source code provides you with everything you need to build your own Twitter bookmarking service, powered by GPT-3, that automatically organizes your bookmarked tweets into a Notion page.

The source code includes the complete web app, including the frontend built with Javascript (ReactJS), the backend built with Python, and the landing page built with Javascript (GatsbyJS).

The app uses AWS cloud resources such as S3, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and AWS SQS, and the infrastructure is managed with YML (AWS Cloudformation). The CI/CD process is handled through Github Actions.

Please note that you will need your own set of API keys for the Twitter API, Notion API, OpenAI API (optional), and Slack API (optional) for the web app to properly work. The backend includes unit tests.

I built this during a hackathon on Twitter

What's in this source code?

This source code is the entire Twitter bookmark organizer web app

✅ Mono-repo

✅ Frontend

✅ Backend

✅ Landing page

What are the programming languages of the source code?

✅ Frontend: Javascript (ReactJS)

✅ Backend: Python

✅ Landing page: Javascript (GatsbyJS)

✅ Infrastructure as code: YML (AWS Cloudformation)

Cloud provider


AWS cloud resources

✅ S3

✅ AWS Lambda

✅ DynamoDB

✅ AWS SQS (queue)



✅ Github actions

APIs used

You'll need you own set of API keys for these APIs for the web app to properly work:

✅ Twitter API

✅ Notion API

✅ Stripe API

✅ OpenAI API (optional)

✅ Slack API (optional)

Unit tests

✅ Backend

Preview of the app

The dashboard before authorizing Twitter and Notion:

The dashboard after connected Twitter and Notion accounts:

Stripe pricing plans

For Freemium tier users, clicking on the Billing option in the platform leads to a pricing table created using the Stripe embedded pricing table.

This table provides users with information on the different pricing plans available to them:

Stripe billing portal

For users who have upgraded to a paid Pro account, clicking on the Billing option will lead them to their Stripe billing portal.

This portal provides users with information on their billing history, as well as the ability to manage their billing details and subscription:


The Settings option in the platform displays the email address used by the user during sign-up and a button for deleting the account.

Sign up form

Sign in form

Reset password form

The landing page

Visit for live demo of the landing page

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You'll get the complete source code once finished

Javascript (ReactJS)
Landing page
Javascript (GatsbyJS)
Infrastructure as code
Cloud provider
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Automated Twitter bookmark organizer in Notion

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