Animated GIFs to validate new product ideas

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Animated GIFs to validate new product ideas

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Show, don't just tell.

Animated GIFs are a great way to validate new ideas and make the person feel the pain point you're trying to solve before you nailed the copy.

Get feedback about your product by using animated GIFs rather than writing copy about your own ideas of the benefits.

I can help you validate your ideas by creating simulated conversations that show how your product would be used in the real world.

Whether you're testing out a new messaging app or trying to figure out how people would use your product in their everyday lives, an animated GIF can give you the insights you need to make your product a success.

What you'll get

✔️ 1 animation in 4 formats with your custom simulated SMS conversation delivered within 48 hours:

✔️ 1 GIF for Twitter posts (1200× 675px)

✔️ 1 MP4 for LinkedIn posts (1920 × 1080px)

✔️ 1 MP4 for Instagram posts ( 1080 ×1920px)

✔️ 1 GIF for Gumroad thumbnails (800× 800px)

Data needed upon ordering

✔️ 4 simulated SMS messages between Person A and Person B


Your custom animations are delivered within the next 48 hours after ordering.

Previous validation projects as inspiration

Pain point hypothesis: Solo founders don't have time to dive super deep into testing but need feedback + help finding bugs.

Idea to validate: Just send us a link to your app, we'll test all your features and send you a report every time you push new code or are about to launch.

Pain point hypothesis: Staffing companies have difficulties filling last-minute vacancies caused by call-offs.

Idea to validate: AI-phone-calling-service that calls all your available staff at once and automatically schedules those who answer the phone.

Pain point hypothesis: Solo makers miss user chats, leading to frustrated customers.

Idea to validate: SaaS that calls the maker whenever a user starts to chat on their website or app. This would allow the maker to pick up the phone and chat with the customer in real-time.

Pain point hypothesis: Construction companies lose track of their tools, which wastes time & causes frustration.

Idea to validate: Tool management system that allows contractors to see who has each tool & check out or book available tools, making it easy to keep track of tools.

What can you add?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding content to your GIF animation of simulated SMS messages!

You could include a message promoting your product or service or highlight a pain point you identified that you'd like to validate.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's eye-catching and sure to grab attention.

Still not sure?

If you have a custom animation project in mind or aren't sure what content to include in your GIF animation, reach out to us at info@chatterry.com. We'll be happy to work with you to come up with something great!

I want this!

1 animated GIF in 4 formats with your custom SMS conversation, including 4 text messages between Person A and Person B.